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A simple and practical angle encoder design

The angle encoder design scheme of a simple, inexpensive and widely used; and the encoder signal generation, transmission and processing as the main line, a detailed description of the working principle, and then again proved its advantages of simple and cheap.

In the measurement and control system, the angle sensor is used to collect all kinds of angle parameters or to measure the speed of the rotating mechanism. At present, some of the mature technology market has increased since the angle sensor angle machine, potentiometer, encoder, Holzer element and counter gear etc.. These products, some of the high precision, but the price is expensive, some cheap, but the structure is complex, it is often difficult to meet the simple structure, the price is cheap. This paper introduces a design of photoelectric encoder, the hardware structure is simple, the cost price is very cheap, and good stability, long service life, and can meet the accuracy requirements in most cases.

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