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C FOR SAM8 IAR application of several notes note

In this paper, the C FOR SAM8 IAR integrated environment for the application of several common problems to be explained:

  • Must be in the establishment of the project system and after the introduction of the source file to compile and software simulation, not only to a separate source files to compile or simulation.
  • In the engineering system must be specified in the corresponding CORE CPU, setting method:
    1. Open the Options-Target Project-Options-General dialog box to set the options
    2. All Samsung MCU S3F/C/P9XXX series chips are selected [SAM8XRCRI] type
    3. All Samsung MCU S3F/C/P8XXX series chips are selected [SAM8XRC] type
  • C language program stack pointer SP initial value is specified by the compiler automatically generated, so please do not in the C FOR SAM8 IAR project C source code manually set the value of the stack pointer SP, otherwise the program is very easy to accidentally run.
  • If you need software, please don't try to modify the numerical watchdog registers in BTCON C language program, otherwise easy to cause the process to terminate the IAR C debugger error. (the reason being unknown, wise remark of an experienced person)
  • If you do not need to carry out software simulation, you need to pay attention to this, the compiler generates a burning and writing files to burn and write chip testing.
  • Software simulation must work in DEBUG mode can be carried out, and only in the case of the production and debugging information files in order to show the current C source code in real time the cursor line (anti assembler program synchronization instructions)

If the generated HEX code files, you can only display the anti assembler instructions, but will not be synchronized with the C source.

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