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Commercial programmer SSW V3.0A features

SSW V3.0A is a highly cost-effective high speed full function Samsung MCU serial OTP (programmable time) and MTP (FLASH ROM MCU), Support PC online / offline mode burn and write all Samsung DIP, SOP, QFP or TQFP chips.

The main functions are as follows::

  • USB interface, the Chinese PC host software, support WIN2000/XP/WIN2003/VISTA/WIN7 operating system, the operation is simple and convenient.
  • You can write all 4 full function Samsung /8 bit OTP (S3C/S3P Series) and MTP (S3F, FLASH) SCM
  • Include: erase, empty check, read / write, check, read protection, LDC protection, HardLock protection, etc
  • Burn and write speed is only BYTES 0.4S/1K (including programming and verification process)
  • Support ROM maximum burn and write BYTES 64K
  • Support VPP=12V/11V/VCC three kinds of voltage programming, the full range of support for the introduction of the new Samsung Semiconductor S3F94C4/S3F94C8/S3F84B8/S3F84U8
  • As well as the latest chip S3F8S14/8S15/8S18/8S19/8S24/8S28/8S35/8S39/8S45/8S5A/8S6B series chip burn and write
  • You can online / offline chip programmer, can set offline count limit function, can set the code chip ID write function
  • The writer of this specially designed lock function, protect the user code maximum wrongfulappropriation
  • This automatic detection chip fetching state, automatic start writing function, the operation is more convenient
  • I write code using offline password and native ID code multiple encryption protection, the protection of user software does not maximize the illegal theft
  • By programming the adapter interface can be easily implemented in the circuit board directly burning, facilitate the development of debugging program update
  • The programmer can be applied to all 4 Samsung /8 bit microcontroller development of learning design and batch programming (including OTP/MTP, 5V/3.3V voltage chip)
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