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SSMCU-94C4/9454 development board function introduction

SSMCU-94C4 development board can be applied to the development of the use of S3F94C4/9454/94C8 three chip Supporting routines to do 11 software and...

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Commercial programmer SSW V3.0A features

SSW V3.0A is a highly cost-effective high speed full function Samsung MCU serial OTP (programmable time) and MTP (FLASH ROM MCU), Support PC online...

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C FOR SAM8 IAR application of several notes note

In this paper, the C FOR SAM8 IAR integrated environment for the application of several common problems to be explained: 1 must be in the establishment...

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Samsung C language development environment IAR-C-FOR-SAM8-V2

1 run the compression package in the iarid.exe, get the hard disk id, 2 run the compression package in the iarkgn_gui.exe, the hard disk ID will be the...

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