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PSoC microcontroller and gas transmission and distribution

The realization of PSoC single chip microcomputer is introduced in this paper. From the simple and easy to use of hardware and software design, stability and reliability of the system, the development of the low cost of production and so on, the paper focuses on the great advantages of PSoC MCU measurement and control system.

In terms of distribution and measurement in the frequency converter gas, a gas meter and IPC large flow range with ordinary single board / MCU realization of multi frequency control automatic transmission system is widely used, effectively improve measurement accuracy and save a lot of energy. However, with the "single board machine / MCU + peripheral devices" measurement of gas, the system is complex, poor stability, with the industrial computer frequency conversion gas distribution, resulting in waste of resources. From the perspective of improving the system stability and reliability, simplify the hardware and software design, reduce the product cost, combined with the development of modern science and technology, it is the need for a component system is simple, flexible and easy to use, to the transformation of these two systems, and as far as possible be made one of them. Cypress company recently introduced a series of PSoC microcontroller to improve the above technology, not only can achieve the desired goal, but also can effectively improve the real-time performance of system measurement and control.

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