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Samsung C language development environment IAR-C-FOR-SAM8-V2

In this paper, the C FOR SAM8 IAR integrated environment for the application of several common problems to be explained:

  • Run the compression package in the iarid.exe, get the hard disk id,
  • Run the compression package in the iarkgn_gui.exe, the hard disk ID will be the last to fill in the dialog box hostid, Remember the [product] column to select workbench for Samsung SAM8 v2.21a] [embodded, Then click the button below to generate the numer license and key license registered in this machine.
  • Run ewsam8-ev-221a.exe setup program, the two part of the registration code is copied to the corresponding answer to the registration code, you can.

For SAM8 iar-c installation file, please share in the Samsung MCU group 191829472182233019787342

File name: iar-c-for-sam8-v221a.zip

The compression package has been included in the iar-c installation files and related decryption software and installation instructions, please refer to the detailed description of the document

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