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SSMCU-94C4/9454 development board function introduction

SSMCU-94C4 development board can be applied to the development of the use of S3F94C4/9454/94C8 three chip.

Supporting routines to do 11 software and hardware demonstration experiment, each routine is the use of assembly language and C language dual development, Can learn C IAR program development, but also to learn the development of assembler.

The list of experimental routines can be used as follows:

  • Button with three LED water lamp control demonstration experiment
  • Ordinary buzzer direct IO driver and timer interrupt driver two ways to demonstrate the experiment. Chord ring Demonstration Experiment 3 IO drive buzzer music broadcast into the musical, with 10 song music ringtones for appreciation
  • Single chip ADC conversion detection NTC thermistor is converted to temperature display experiment
  • Single chip ADC conversion detection potentiometer voltage running real-time display experiment
  • 24C02 memory IIC read and write demonstration experiments
  • External interrupt input detection /STOP standby status and ROM FLASH read and write demonstration experiment
  • TM1628 drive digital tube display demonstration experiment
  • 74HC164 driven digital tube display and 164 segment line expansion through the three key detection experiment
  • Manual button / automatic timing control relay switch demonstration experiment
  • PWM output IO control LED lights brightness dimming demonstration experiment.

Development board kit includes: 1 development board + experimental power 1 +S3F94C4-DIP20 chip 2 +6P Shaoxie cable in a color plate.

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